Buying slush syrup on the cheap can be false economy. Our syrups are manufactured to the highest standards using premium grade ingredients and the correct amount of real sugar. Cheap, substandard syrups can cause damage to your slush machine and motor gearbox. Sugar is an expensive commodity but ensures the slush mix does not put undue duress on motor gearboxes, it creates a soft product. Sweeteners and synthetic sugar based products present the risk of your mix over-freezing and over time can damage your motor gearbox. Your warranty does NOT cover such eventualities

12 month back to base warranty on all Italian slush machines.

Warranty applicable only if:

The customer is able to present their valid invoice with a clear serial number/s stated.

The model and serial number of the machine is not defaced or removed from the machine.

HTsweets slush syrup used – the quality of other products varies greatly and could damage the machine components. Failure to prove use of HTsweets sold syrup from the website, eBay or in store will void warranty.

All major refrigeration components, including compressor, condenser and evaporators will be considered to be under warranty for 12 months following the date of purchase. If the freezer fails at any time during the first 12 months following purchase, then you can contact and return the item back to base for diagnosis and repairing of the fault which can take up to 7-30 days

Upon diagnosis of the problem, should it turn out to be a refrigeration fault, but something linked to a maintenance issue, (but not limited to), a switch, motor, motor gear, shaft, seal, tap, spring, or other perishable part, we will explain exactly what is wrong and quote a fee for repairing and if necessary replacing a particular part. Any queries relating to this should be directed to

Warranty is void if:

Signs of inflicted damage as a result of machine dropping onto the floor, something dropping onto the machine etc.

Customer neglects routine cleaning, lubrication and maintenance as outlined in the user manual every 2 weeks – failure to do this can result in leakage of liquid into the inside of the machine.

Spilt liquid found on electrical parts within the machine.

The product used within the machine is not a product either supplied by or approved by HTsweets.

The machine is used in any way other than directed by the manufacture.

The electric power used to power the machine is anything other than mains electricity supplied through UK national grid.

Machine is misused including over/under dilution of the any concentrate (remember the mix is critical to the consistency of the product and therefore the correct running of the machine).

The Machine is continued to be used when there is a known fault.

Signs of prior repair done by any other party other than HTsweets, its agents or HTsweets authorised personal can be seen.

Warranty does not include:

Moving parts including mixing auger, dispensing assemblies and gear motors. 

Plastic parts including tanks, mixing auger, lids, dispensing handles and assemblies including rubber seals, drip trays, light bulbs, supporting feet, aesthetic components or any plastic or electronic parts that present defects due to incorrect handling, modification, and/or servicing or repair by unqualified personnel.

Gas is not covered in the warranty